Hope For The Future

The mission of United Cancer Research Society is to play a significant role in the elimination of cancer from the human condition through support of the highest quality research institutions in the nation.We are confident that a cancer-free future is not as far away as many people think. While approximately one out of three people will develop some type of cancer in their lifetime, fifty percent of all major cancers are either preventable or curable. This high rate of success would not be possible without the vital role played by cancer research. Only continued commitment to research on every level will enable us, through prevention and cure, to make cancer and cancer-related suffering and death a thing of the past.

Today’s aggressive research is winning the war against cancer, and the united Cancer Research Society is a direct connection to the areas of study and research facilities that are not only helping to make a positive difference in people’s lives, but are often responsible for saving them!

We invite you to join us in bringing to fulfillment our dream of a cancer-free society. Through your support, today’s dream will become tomorrow’s reality. Please call us for more information or to discuss specific ways that you can join this effort. Our telephone number is listed below.

Also, as a public service, you are invited to call The Cancer Information Service at any time. The telephone number for this service is 1 800 4-CANCER. This service provides accurate, up-to-date information on cancer to patients and their families, health professionals and the general public. Call this number for information on the following:

  • The latest cancer treatments
  • Clinical trials–studies to test new treatments
  • Tips on how to detect cancer early
  • Tips on how to reduce your risk of cancer
  • Community services for patients and their families
  • Your questions about cancer are always welcome and all calls are confidential. Spanish speaking staff members are also available to help you. Free booklets on cancer can be ordered.